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What are lemon water benefits – only facts!

A lot of medical experts praise lemon water for its ability to detoxify the body. Still, is it really? Can squeezing a citrus fruit in a glass of water may actually be a benefit for your health?

People say that just a small amount of lemon water will keep your doctor away for a little bit longer! Let’s dig up the truth on this matter!

Fakes and real stuff about lemon water!

Lemon water smooths your skin!

A lot of experts prove that a warm mug of water with a citrus fruit may actually help to rejuvenate your face skin.

First of all, lemon has vitamin C that plays a major role in rejuvenating the skin. In addition, it promotes collagen production and good in case of protection from UV damage. Still, too much acid may actually be harmful to your teeth. Therefore, like with any other product, some modest intake is actually more than enough to bust your health.

One more thing, the amount of vitamin C you get from lemon water is not that significant. Do not forget about adding other products filled with vitamin C, like oranges or grapefruits.

Can lemon water accelerate weight loss?

There are some controversies regarding this topic. A lot of health gurus believe that some citrus water every day can melt away belly fat.

Nevertheless, there is no clear evidence that this kind of water can do that. There were some studies that prove that grapefruit juice may benefit weight loss but changes were not significant. In case with lemon water, there was no impact on weight loss recorded.

lemon water benefits

How does the digestive system react to lemon water?

First of all, people who have digestive problems will find citrus fruits to be an irritant for their stomach. Citrus juice is good for destroying bacteria outside but once inside – it’s completely another story. There is no actual benefit to digestion processes from lemon water.

Can lemon water help to maintain PH balance?

Frankly, it’s another myth you need to ignore. The pH of lemon water is just 2. It means that it’s the same level as in your stomach. The same can be said about any food you eat. The truth is that everything you eat will be turned into acid upon reaching the stomach.

Your pH balance stays mostly the same all the time. If pH in your blood is slightly higher or lower, you may actually have a lot of health problems. Increasing or decreasing pH in blood is impossible with what you eat. Moreover, slight changes in pH balance may actually kill you. Therefore, if food could change your pH, people would accidentally die all the time.

Can lemon water damage your teeth?

Drinking citrus juice may actually lead to tooth enamel erosion. Therefore, people who like drinking lemon water too much should be very cautious. Tooth enamel erosion is the permanent wearing of the tooth enamel. It can lead to sensitivity, yellow teeth and decay.

It’s not about the amount of acid you take, but the frequency of consuming. Some food and drinks have acid and sugar on them. Bacterias in your mouth may use this acid and sugar to attack your teeth.

Steps to minimize enamel erosion:

  • Use a straw
  • Use sugar-free gums. They can increase salivary flow. Therefore you may neutralize the acid effect on your teeth.
  • Use a toothpaste designed to fight acid erosion.

How does lemon water help with a common cold?

If you have problems with coughs and colds, then a warm glass of lemon juice may actually help you. The key feature here is vitamin C. This vitamin is important for your immune system.

Moreover, according to one study from Sciencedirect, eating 24 grams of citrus fiber every day for a month will reduce the total cholesterol level.

Is it possible to flush your toxins with lemon water?

First of all, the very word “toxins” can be a lot of things and it’s more about marketing than actual health.

Let’s start with what can be described as toxins. Medical experts usually mean free-radicals when they use the word “toxins”. Free-radicals are built-up from excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, and bad dieting. In the case of free-radicals, vitamin C as an antioxidant contained in citrus fruits will counteract free-radicals.

A lot of people believe that lemon is a good tool to destroy fat, but your stomach acid is much better. The truth is that by reaching your stomach, the lemon juice assimilates within the stomach acid. Therefore, your stomach is doing all the work in breaking down the fat.

Does lemon water have anti-inflammatory properties?

It’s another myth that must be broken. There is no actual evidence that lemon water has anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, constant exposure of your throat to lemon acid can even be harmful and likely to lead to inflammation.

Is drinking lemon juice enough to supply your vitamin C need?

In terms of vitamin C, lemon juice can actually help your body to maintain it. Moreover, it’s also rich in magnesium, phosphate, calcium, and potassium. Still, you shouldn’t rely heavily on this product in case of vitamin C. A lot of nutritionists prove that consuming a glass of water lemon a day will not significantly change your vitamin C balance.

Can lemon water boost up your memory?

High level of vitamin C may actually help your memory but lemon juice does not have that much vitamin C. There is no mechanism that explains how juice can directly boost your brain.

In conclusion

You have read a lot of busted lemon water myths. Aside from treating seasonal cold and enriching your body with microelements, there is not much effect from it. Therefore, do not believe everything you find on the internet. Check the facts!

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