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Top 7 Ways To Get Rid Off Nasty Extra Weight From Walking

Are you ready to get fit? Let’s start from basics - walking! Suit up to be ready to make your heart rate up and take the first steps with the top 7 healthy tips! You will not believe how this simple habit benefits your sexy body shape.

Walk away from your extra weight but do that using the right tools! Set up your goals and be ready to enjoy your journey to a perfectly shaped body!

You will not believe how this simple habit benefits your sexy body shape.

Interval walking that you must try!

Just walking will not bring to burning calories a lot of calories. Changing the pace of your walk – that’s a key to success. According to Ohio State University researches, a simple change of the pace will increase your metabolism by up to 20%. The same study has also proven that we walk much faster when traveling longer and in a hurry!

Your way to nail it! At least once in a week, try to cover at least a 40-minutes long distance. If in a regular pace we travel about 5 km/hr, in your interval hurry pace, you will need to cover at least 4 km in 40 minutes. Do not forget to set right intervals, for instance, 1 minute at your regular pace and 4 minutes at a faster pace.

Weight Loss From Walking

Make walking your habit

1 minute of walking burns about 4 calories. Therefore, a simple 20 minutes travel using only legs may burn about 80 calories. If you manage to squeeze this 20 minutes walk in a daily routine for a week – you will lose at least 560 calories a weak! In other words, it may be transformed into 1 pound a week.

According to the study published on the BMJ, people who regularly walk have much lower BMI and body fat. Moreover, scientists from York University also found that “active travelers” usually receive a much greater boost in mental health! Thus, they are more resilient to stress and much better in decision making.

Make walking or jogging – your daily routine. From time to time, break your daily travel to an office and jog for a minute. It’s not nearly enough to pour you in sweat, but it’s enough to make your body use energy. Getting a bit out of breath will increase your general well-being.

Add some challenge

Instead of walking on a plain terrain – try to take the road uphill. In this way, you not only burn 30% more calories but also work on hamstrings and glutes. Hiking is a perfect way of burning even more calories. Add some jogging to this and you will get a calorie killer set.

What do you need to do? Try taking smaller steps towards uphill. It will decrease your impact on joints and help in keeping the balance. Always try to position the torso over the hips. Keep your speed, do not take it slowly. Some 3-5% incline will speed up your way a perfect body shape.

Take the stairs

Instead of taking an elevator – use stairs. Include as many stair flights as you possibly can. Just 10 minutes a day of climbing will burn off a chocolate bar!

Moreover, you can even choose your pace. According to one research on ScienceDaily sprinting and regular walking on the stairs have the same effect on your heart. Therefore, you can mix and match different pace as you wish. Moreover, according to the Concordia University studies, you can decrease your brain age by 0.58 years with regular stair-climbing.

You can try taking two steps at the time to help your butt muscles! Do not forget to keep a good posture while climbing. Use handrails if you feel that lose balance on stairs.

Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises can significantly decrease your body fat. Moreover, inputting them into your daily walk will also increase your metabolic rates. Therefore, body exercises will bring you to burning more calories and more calories will get rid of more extra weight.

When you incorporate bodyweight exercises – stick to compound moves. They incorporate more muscle groups and provide you with more chances of burning fat. For instance, walking lunges will definitely work on your lower body and if you walk through the park, you may try bench plank! Combine different exercises to help your body lose weight faster.

Follow your habit – not tracker

According to one study published on JAMA showed that people who rely on their fitness trackers actually lose less weight than people who ditched them. The truth is that people who use trackers are less prone to change their habits. They just follow the trackers and do not change their behavior.

Therefore, instead of monitoring your fitness watch – incorporate real behavioral changes. Walk every day at the same time. Walk the same distance faster or increase the distance but take the same time to cover it. Do not rely only on your watch. Set up a goal and follow it. Divide your goal into smaller tasks if you need it.

Find your walking buddy

Your gym body will work better than any mechanical device. You will not ditch your morning walk if you know that your buddy is there. A lot of studies have proven that enlisting your friend as a gym buddy will actually lead to longer behavioral changes.

For starters, try to find a friend who shares your sports interests. It can be someone from your colleagues or relatives. If they do not want to share your walking habit, then you may find people on the internet to help you. For today, there are hundreds of groups in social media dedicated to walking. Pick one and follow your goal!

In conclusion

The hardest thing is to start the habit and hold it long enough so it could become your second nature. Nevertheless, it’s the simplest way to get rid of extra weight. Just walk constantly every day at the same time using different techniques described above! That’s how you will get closer to your ideal body shape.

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