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Top 7 products that will keep you fuller

Some food may actually help you to feel much fuller than any other. This type of products can actually be your chance to become slimmer!

Want to eat less but more efficiently and contribute to your slimming effect? Do not torture yourself with hunger. Choose a wise option.

How does your body feel full?

The so-called satiety is a feeling of fullness that works as a suppressor to the feeling of hunger. Satiety actually controls how much you eat. A lot of people think that satiety depends on how full the stomach is. Nevertheless, it’s only a part of the whole story. When food gets to the stomach, the nutrients get absorbed and digested. Thus, your stomach sends a series of signals to the brain which decides when it’s enough.

Moreover, when your food gets to the stomach, it triggers the hormones to be released to the blood and helps body to recognise fullness. The whole process starts within 15-20 minutes after we experience fullness in the stomach. This feeling may last for hours depending on many factors.

Foods that make you feel fuller longer!

What are the factors that affect fullness?

According to various researches, you can increase the feeling of satiety by eating the right food for that. The satiety directly works to bring more satisfaction from food. It’s a perfect addition to healthy eating and planning of your dietary strategies.

Top 6 factors that impact your feeling of fullness:

  • Food with massive energy density. The more calories per gram the food has the more energetically dense it is. Low-density meals help you to eat more and take fewer calories. The most prominent examples of this type of food are fruits and vegetables.
  • Food that is rich in fiber content. If you follow the idea of a fiber-rich food diet, you actually bring more satisfaction to your body! Fiber slows down emptying the stomach. Therefore, it increases the digestion time and impacts satiety hormones. As a result, your body will feel fullness longer.
  • Food that is rich in protein. Studies show that protein-rich products will make you fuller than food rich in carbohydrates or fat. Protein changes the processes in hormones GLP-1 and ghrelin that is responsible for satiety. High protein products include eggs, meat, fish, tofu and yogurt.
  • Food with a high Glycaemic index. Higher Gl products can be digested much faster than low Gl food. That’s why low Gl food helps to feel you fuller longer. The best examples are pasta, whole grain bread, and yogurt.
  • High-fat food. Fat usually takes longer to digest. Still, you need to eat only “good” fat or heart-healthy fats. For instance, nuts, olive oil or avocado.
  • Check how fast you eat. It takes about 20 minutes to send signals to our brain that you are full. Therefore, if you eat too fast, you may be overeating. Take your time with food. It will be much healthier.

Top 7 foods that will keep you fuller much longer!


When you think about healthy fats, the first thing to mention is almonds. Just 30 mg of almonds will keep your hunger at bay for hours. They also decrease the overall level of glycaemic index. Moreover, it’s also a good source of protein.


Apples are rich in fiber and a perfect product with a low glycaemic index. Therefore the daily intake of apples is more than recommended for feeling full. That’s why on an apple a day keeps a doctor away.


The most obvious choice for a high protein diet! Greek yogurt is good for managing your appetite. For instance, taking yogurt for breakfast may help you to feel full for the whole morning.

Extra virgin olive oil

This product is very rich in oleic acid that increases satiety. Therefore, adding virgin olive oil to a meal will make your stomach fuller.


Beans are good for the bowel movement. A lot of experts may agree that bean soup is a good water meal rich in protein, fiber, and carbs. Moreover, it will keep your blood sugar steady.


First and foremost, eggs are rich in protein. Moreover, eggs contain 9 essential amino acids that highly increase the satiety index.


Potatoes are filled with water and rich in fibers and proteins. You will feel much fuller if you add potatoes to your daily meals.

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