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Levonelle pill is a perfect type of contraception for women who are not ready to have kids. Medical experts also recommend it due to the absence of severe side effects. The active element of this emergency pill is Levonorgestrel. One tablet is more than enough for protection after sex.

This type of contraceptives are best suited for women:

  • Who had unprotected sex;
  • Who missed their daily birth control pills;
  • Who was forced to have sex;
  • Who is unsure that a condom wasn’t broken.

How does Levonelle Work?

Levonelle works almost immediately after intake. Nevertheless, the action window for this contraception is 72 hours.

Does Levonelle work beyond 72 hours?
The short answer is no. You should take the dosage within the action window frame.
Levonelle work divides into two stages:

  • First of all, it stops ovaries from releasing the egg.
  • Secondly, it prevents sperm from fertilising the egg.

Still, do not forget that oral contraceptives do not work if you are already pregnant. It does not work as an abortion method in no way.

How does Levonelle Work
Levonelle Effectiveness
  • Less than 12 hours 98%
  • More than 12 hours 95%
  • More than 24 hours 90%
  • More than 36 hours 86%
  • More than 48 hours 68%

Levonelle Effectiveness

A lot of medical researches and studies confirm Levonelle Morning After Pill effectiveness.
On average, various doctors give 86% effectiveness to this type of contraception. It means that only one out of 9 women may get pregnant after the pill. One thing to remember, that the more you delay the less effective the pill will be.

Levonelle Side Effects

Like all medicines, emergency pills have some side effects. Still, important to mention that most women will not experience any adverse events from the Levonelle morning after pill effectiveness at all.

Where Can I Buy Levonelle

Common Levonelle side effects:

  • Headache;
  • Tiredness;
  • Lower abdominal pain;
  • Irregular bleeding;
  • Nausea.

Rare side effects:

  • Painful period;
  • Pelvic pain;
  • Swelling;
  • Rash;
  • Abdominal pain.

Less common side effects:

  • Vomiting. (Vomiting within three hours after taking the pill will damage Levonelle effectiveness. If you vomited out the pill, you’ll need to take another one as soon as possible.);
  • Your periods might be different. Some may have their periods later or earlier than expected. Still, it’s in no way indicate Levonelle pill effectiveness. Fluctuation in periods more or less depends on how your body can deal with ingredients of the medicine.
  • Feeling dizzy;
  • Diarrhoea;
  • Tender breasts.

Where can i get the Morning After Pill?

You can buy Levonelle without a prescription at your nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office. Nevertheless, it will take time and you will need to go outside. So, the minimum amount of time you will need is somewhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Instead of this, you have another option. Just order Levonelle online from the authorized online pharmacy.

It works in four steps! You select the product. After that, you fill in the online medical questionnaire. Enter your address and payment details. Finally, you just wait for the product to be placed at your doorstep.

No need to even leave your home. As simple as that!

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Where Can I Buy Levonelle

You can buy Levonelle without a prescription at your nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office. Nevertheless, it will take time and you will need to go outside. So, the minimum amount of time you will need is somewhere between 30 minutes to one hour. Instead of this, you have another option. Just order Levonelle online from the authorized online pharmacy.

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Levonelle Morning After Pill Review

There was no pain at all. Maybe some heavy periods which I’m used to. And my periods also come a week early. Except that, no problems at all.

My boyfriend and I had an incident several weeks ago where we found that the condom broke. I do not use birth control pills and I’m a healthy fertile woman. So, we decided to use Levonelle. I believe, I took it in one hour after sex. I was pretty worried about being pregnant and all. I had some headaches and lower abdominal pain, but my periods came as expected. Levonelle has been proven to be effective for me. But I learned my lesson. Now I use regular birth control pills.

Levonelle works perfectly. You just need to follow the directions. Had the pill in less than 12 hours after sex and everything came out fine. It worked even if I’m slightly over the weight limit.

I used it twice in my life. Had some minor side effects, but that’s all. I did not get pregnant when I didn’t want it which is fine for me.

I had an incident with my partner and had no option but to take Levonelle. I took the pill one day from the sex. One week later, I had several pregnancy tests. All of them came negative. I had no weird symptoms. So, totally recommend it in emergency situations as I had.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take Levonelle twice in one cycle?
You can take the pill each time after unprotected sex. Still, you shouldn’t use it as a substitute for the daily birth control pills.
Can you take Levonelle twice a week?
The only restriction with this medicine is that you shouldn’t take two doses at once. Otherwise, it’s perfectly safe to take it each time after unprotected sex.
Does Levonelle delay your period?
This product may delay your period. Moreover, some women reported that their periods came early on the pill. However, medical specialists agree that not all women will experience side effects.
How often can you take Levonelle?
You can take it each time you have unprotected sex. Still, you shouldn’t take more than one dosage at the same time.
How long do Levonelle side effects last?
It depends on a person. Most of the time, side effects last no more than three days.
How long does it take for Levonelle to work?
It works almost instantly. However, it’s effectiveness decreases over time. One more thing to remember, if you vomit within three hours after intake, you should take another dose.
How long does Levonelle delay ovulation?
No studies have shown the correct answer to this question. What medical experts can say is that it depends on many factors. It really depends on the person.
Does Levonelle work after 72 hours?
No, it does not work after 72 hours.
Is Levonelle safe?
It does not have severe side effects, like daily birth control pills. Moreover, it’s even safe to take while breastfeeding. No harm will be for a baby.
What is the difference between ellaOne and Levonelle?
They use different active ingredients. ellaOne uses Ulipristal Acetate and Levonelle uses Levonorgestrel and it has weight restrictions. It may be not effective for women with over 70 kg of weight. Moreover, the active window for ellaOne is 120 hours, which is 48 more than its rivalry.
Can I take Levonelle after ovulation?
There is no restriction on what time of your period you can take the pill.
Can Levonelle cause miscarriage?
There is no medical study that shows that the pill causes miscarriage. However, it all depends on what you determine as a miscarriage. One of the active effects of this contraceptive is causing the womb liners to narrow, which makes the fertilized egg almost impossible for implantation. This can be technically called a miscarriage as a fertilized egg is in some way a “start of a baby”.
Can you buy Levonelle over the counter?
You can buy this product without a prescription. Still, medical consultation will be a good choice also. The more convenient way would be to buy this product online from the authorized EU pharmacy.
Can you drink alcohol after taking Levonelle?
Alcohol does not interfere with the effect of this medicine. At the same time, too much alcohol will affect any medicine. Therefore, it’s better to take no alcohol at all.
Can you take ellaOne and Levonelle in the same cycle?
These two medical products do not interact with each other. Therefore, you can take them in one cycle.
Does Levonelle make you bleed?
One of the side effects of this product is spotting. Still, if excessive spotting or bleeding continues for a long time, you may need to consult a doctor.

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