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ellaOne is an emergency contraception method that you can use after unprotected sex. In other words, if you think that other contraception methods have failed you, ellaOne is your last line of defense. One of the main advantages of ellaOne is that it does not have any serious side effects.
At the same time, ellaOne works for 120 hours. It’s more than most contraceptives on the market.

How Does ellaOne Work?

ellaOne morning after pill contains the active substance Ulipristal Acetate. It acts as the modifier of your natural hormone activity. Firstly, it modifies the natural hormone progesterone to change some ovulation process. As a result, it delays ovulation and narrows your womb lines. This situation stops sperm from reach to the egg.

How Does ellaOne Work?

Why the active effect of ellaOne pill lasts for 5 days?
Because it’s the lifespan of spermatozoids in the womb. That’s why you should take this emergency oral contraceptive no later than 5 days after having unprotected sex.

EllaOne Effectiveness

EllaOne Effectiveness

EllaOne is one of the most effective and popular methods of protection on the market.

First of all, it lasts for 120 hours! Still, beyond this time limit, the pill does not work. You need to remember that. ellaOne morning after pill effectiveness by hours.

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  • Less than 12 hours 99%
  • More than 12 hours 98%
  • More than 24 hours 95%
  • More than 36 hours 90%
  • More than 48 hours 86%
  • More than 60 hours 80%
  • More than 72 hours 76%
  • More than 84 hours 70%
  • More than 96 hours 68%
  • More than 108 hours 60%

EllaOne Side Effects

ellaOne pill side effect is not severe. That’s why doctors recommend it as the contraception pill.

Common ellaOne side effects:

  • Dizziness;
  • Tiredness;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Nausea;
  • Headache;
  • Painful periods.

Other rare side effects:

  • Stomach pain;
  • Allergic reaction;
  • Rash;
  • Itching;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Severe dizziness;
  • Swelling;
Where Can I Buy ellaOne?

This is not a complete list of possible adverse events. Please, check the patient’s list to get the full information on this matter. If you experience rare side effects, then call your doctor immediately. Serious allergic reaction to this product is rare but it still can happen. Nevertheless, most women will not experience any problem with the pill at all.

Where Can I Buy ellaOne?

You can buy ellaOne without a prescription at your nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office. Still, do not forget that you will need time to go there. It will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Still, why should you bother spending that much time, when you can do everything in just 10 minutes. Just order this oral method of contraception online from the authorized online pharmacy.

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ellaOne Morning After Pill Review

I tried ellaOne because it was the 4th day after sex and I literally had no option. Still, everything worked quite well. Only my periods delayed by one week, but that’s all!

My boyfriend and I had sex on our mountain trip. And the condom broke not in the best moment. Therefore, we had to return to the city. Unfortunately, it took two days before we could get to the nearest pharmacy store which had ellaOne. Hopefully, I managed to take the pill on time. The worst thing I remember about it is some pain in my stomach and heavier periods. Much heavier than usual.

It works perfectly. I took this product almost instantly after sex and had no problems or side effects after that.

A little description about thisI usually prefer daily pills, like Levitra, but there were two times in my life when I needed to use emergency pills. The first time, it was in the sophomore year of college. I was a little bit drunk and forgot to take daily pills. And my partner did not pull out on time. So, I had to buy ellaOne. The second time it was on my graduation where I totally forgot about daily pills at all. And had no option but to take this emergency contraceptive again. I experienced some side effects, like delayed periods and some spotting between periods. And that’s was it. person will show up here.

First time I used ellaOne I was 17. It was my first sex experience, we didn’t know what to do and had no condom. Thankfully, my mother came with an idea of this emergency contraception. I remember having painful periods and abdominal pain, but no other effects at all.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does ellaOne work if you’ve already ovulated?
All morning after pills work by delaying ovulation. If it has already happened, then the pill will not be effective. Still, there were cases when pills helped even during ovulation. The thing is that the morning after pills narrow the womb lining, which makes the egg implantation much harder.
How long does ellaOne stay in your system?
It will stay in your system and work for 5 days or 120 hours.
Does ellaone stop implantation?
According to various studies, this type of medication may stop the implantation of the early embryo.
How much is ellaOne?
The price for one tablet is £84.10. You can save some money by buying two tablets at once by the price £159.80 or three tablets by the price £227.70.
Will ellaOne make me bleed?
It’s one of the side effects of this contraceptive. Still, not all women will experience side effects.
Can ellaOne affect fertility?
According to various researches, this type of medication will not affect a woman’s fertility in no way.
Can ellaOne be taken twice in one cycle?
There is no restriction on how many times in the cycle you can take the pill. Still, you shouldn’t take two doses at the same time. It will not affect the chance of avoiding pregnancy in no way.
How reliable is ellaOne?
If you take it within 12 hours, then the chance of avoiding pregnancy rises up to 99%. Still, the later you take it the worse the chances. That’s why a lot of medical experts recommend taking emergency pills as soon as possible.
Can ellaOne cause a late period?
This type of medication may cause your periods delaying or coming early. It’s all due to the synthetic hormones that usually influence the way of natural periods.
Can ellaOne cause spotting?
It can cause spotting, irregular bleeding or impact your period. Nevertheless, not all women may experience these side effects. Moreover, it may only affect your first period after the pill and your other periods will go as usual.

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