Who we are?

We are an online authorized pharmacy with the EU license staffed with authorized doctors. We are one of the first online medical services in the UK. We have been delivering excellent services to more than 100,000 people over a period of 10 years. Our medical specialists helped to provide customers with various options for medical products to solve different health issues. All medications have gone through detailed checks and testing. By ordering from the authorized medical website, you will receive the desired treatment directly at your doorstep.

morning after pills: who we are

The safety of the patient will always be our number one priority. Our services are approved, licensed and regulated by MHRA( Medical and Healthcare Regulatory Agency). We believe in honesty and transparency that’s why you can review the services at Trustpilot. Moreover, all your data will be confidential and protected by SSL Encryption. By choosing us, you can expect no hidden fees.

Our medical experts have gone through all necessary certifications and had enough experience to provide the best quality services. Our staff is always ready to help with any of your concerns.

Who are our medical specialist?

Our medical team consists of licensed doctors, pharmacists, lab assistants and other experienced professionals.

How we work?

We provide medical treatment in the form of genuine products dependently on the medical condition of a patient. In other words, we provide consultation and aftercare. To order the products, you don’t even need to leave your house.

Firstly, you just need to choose the product. After that, you fill in the online questionnaire to check if certain medical products are suitable for you. Next, you fill in your address and card details. Lastly, you just wait until the product arrives at your doorstep. The whole process of ordering will take no more than 10 minutes. At the same time, the delivery takes 1-2 days.

morning after pills: How we work?

Four steps to your order

step one
Select product and choose
your Morning After Pill
step two
Fill in The Form, it
takes 5 minutes
step three
Enter your address and
payment details
step four
Get Your Product Directly
at your doorstep

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What are our values?


We believe in the idea to provide the best medical services possible. That’s why we provide only licensed medical products.


Before ordering, you will need to get through an online medical questionnaire. That’s how our medical experts determine if you are eligible to take certain types of medicines. Thus, we want to help you to get the product that will really help you.


We believe that trusted and professional medical care should be for everyone. That’s why we constantly train our staff to provide the best care possible. Thus, we reach every patient and solve his/her every health condition.

How we guarantee your safety?

We are a reputable health care provider licensed to work and provide services in the EU and UK. All our services are registered and authorized by official regulatory bodies. These bodies are entitled to regulate security measures and standards for patients. Moreover, our patients can access their data from their customer accounts.

The data of our patients is secured according to EU laws and regulations.

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EU Certification

Approved by MHRA, the regulatory body that provides certification for online prescription and selling of medicines.

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SSL Encryption

Your data and services are fully protected and secured.

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We believe in transparency and honesty. That’s why our customers can review our products and leave their honest feedback.

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